Indonesian Meliponiculture & Beyond

Synopsis: The 3rd instalment in a series of literature on ASEAN Meliponiculture and Beyond, this portion entails the varied and diverse Stingless Bee Fauna in the Indonesian archipelago. We attempt to bridge the different beekeeping and culture methods in hiving, colony acquisition or multiplication, forage provisioning, nest building material sources and regulating extreme weather or local conditions.

To address conservation across the regional ASEAN divide, we produce this literature in a dualĀ­language format for comprehension by a multi-lingual and multi-ethnic population.
The methodology employed here will vary from the common to more sophisticated innovations, and at times beyond basic product development.

This work also looks at honey-making bee species diversity in the Greater and Lesser Sunda Regions, Wallacea, and the Papuasia Region of the Indonesian Archipelago.
It is a vast expanse of thousands of Islands and varied flora and fauna. We have compiled literary sources from many academicians, enthusiasts and breeders of stingless bees. A directory of each culture’s varied regional and vernacular names is also included.

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