Keeping Bees in Horizontal Hives

A complete guide to apiculture

Best Book Award

National Agricultural Society, France

Learn natural beekeeping from Europe’s foremost beekeeping authority. Georges de Layens, inventor of the world’s most popular horizontal hive, shares a lifetime of experience on how to:

  • • get started in simplified beekeeping

  • • choose the best hive model for you & your bees

  • • manage your hives with just two visits per year

  • • take advantage of horizontal hives & deep frames

  • • avoid unnecessary complications & procedures

  • • increase an apiary with natural or artificial swarms

  • • transfer bees from one hive model to another

  • • enhance bees’ health drug-free

  • • do without requeening, feeding & other chores

  • • understand honey plants and honeyflows

  • • make award-winning mead (foolproof formula)

  • • use foundation less frames, make wax foundation

  • • handle traditional hives (skeps, log hives, etc.)

  • • keep bees sustainably using local strains

  • • and MUCH more!

Layens’ simple bee keeping boasts over 100 years of successful use, with 1 million hives in use today. Bee-friendly, productive, and fun, keeping bees can be easier than you ever imagined!

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