Keeping Bees Simply and Respectfully

Apiculture with the Golden Hive

Keeping bees, because one loves nature or wants to harvest one’s own honey, no longer has to remain a dream. The Golden Hive makes beekeeping simple – and is gentle on one’s back, while the needs of the bee colony remain central. 

The German Non Governmental Organization – Mellifera – works to protect bees, humans, and nature. The Golden Hive, which has been developed in the teaching apiary owned by Mellifera, provides optimal living conditions for the bees: they build their own comb and they are allowed to swarm, which benefits their health and makes many interventions by beekeepers superfluous. The colony has enough space in one single cavity, which allows it to develop as one contiguous organism, while retaining sufficient honey stores. 

Dr Johannes Wirtz, a board member of Mellifera, and master beekeeper Norbert Poeplau provide an introduction to the concept of bee friendly beekeeping and insights into the fascinating life of the makers of honey. The authors’ experience guides the reader step by step while managing a Golden Hive throughout the course of a year. Important issues related to location, swarming, varroa treatment and winter feeding are competently addressed. Valuable suggestions help children become familiar with a bee colony, and with teaching its relationship with nature in general. 

This comprehensive guide to beekeeping with the Golden Hive ensures that beekeeping is a joyful endeavour. At the same time our respect for the bees will continue to grow. 

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