Nine lectures on Bees

These lectures were given by Rudolf Steiner to the workmen employed on the building of the Goetheanum. For some years Rudolf Steiner had almost every week devoted an hour to the spiritual welfare of those who laboured, whether as masons, smiths, plasterers or joiners, etc., in the erection of the building he had planned. They were an expression of the gratitude of his so kindly-human, social nature to those who co-operated with him in the completion of this remarkable building.

Usually, the work-people would assemble in the temporary lecture room in the Schreinerei, and. Rudolf Steiner would ask them for questions, to which he would give immediate impromptu replies out of the inexhaustible well-spring of his spiritual and practical knowledge.

Thus arose these lectures on the nature of bees, wasps and ants, for among the workers were many bee-keepers who asked him questions on these subjects.

All who are interested in bees will find in them not only rich and suggestive content, but also a deep understanding of the Spiritual in Nature.

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