Plants of Significance to Bees

With images from PalDat - the palynological database

This book was written as reference material to aid in the study of the National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB). This is why the backbone of the book is the NDB plant list. However, for the NDB there is an expectation that the candidate will demonstrate knowledge beyond that of the plant list. So there are additional plant families and individual species included to give the reader a more rounded knowledge of the subject. The book aims to bring knowledge of the plant families and their traits as well as in-depth information about the structure of the pollen of the important plants for honeybees. However, where possible there is reference to non-honey bee species to ensure that knowledge of other pollinators is included and considered. It should also serve as a valuable reference book for anyone studying pollen microscopy. It is the first time that pollen light-microphotographs have been shown with electron photomicrographs in a book of this type. The book will also serve as a suitable guide for the gardener who is planting for bees or more generally for pollinators.

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