Russian Honey Bees

With a foreword by Benjamin Oldroyd

Russian Honey Bees are a stock of honey bees that were bred to be resistant to Varroa mites and have good beekeeping functionality for both honey production and pollination. This book describes the project to produce the Russian honey bee stock, conducted over 20 years of work by the combined efforts of scientists and beekeepers. Practical information on the management of Russian honey bees is combined with understandable summaries of the extensive scientific literature on Russian honey bees from a variety of scientific journals. Chapter headings include: Basic Varroa Biology, Early History of the Russian Honey Bee Stock, Stock Formation, Resistance to Varroa, Stock Certification, Management of Russian Honey Bees, The Russian Honey Bee Breeders Association and A Beekeeper’s Perspective. Whether readers are looking for a comprehensive overview of scientific aspects of Russian honey bees or guidelines for the practical management of Russian honey bees, they will find it in “Russian Honey Bees”.

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