Splitting Colonies

For the Small-Scale Beekeeper

Splitting Colonies is an important means of colony increase and swarming mitigation. Splitting is an art as much as a science. It should be noted splitting timing will vary year to year based on the local weather and conditions. This book contains information on when to split based on when the nectar flow starts in your area. Several splitting methods are discussed such as a “walk away split,” split with a mated queen, and a split with swarm cells. Each method has its benefits and detriments. The genesis for this book was a Bee Culture article (Splitting Colonies: Second Edition, Bee Culture, July, 2022).

“‘Splitting Colonies for the Small-Scale Beekeeper’ provides a good overview of the biology of, and the skills needed, to become successful at this most critical beekeeping management operation.” KIM FLOTTUM – Growing Planet Media

“Well illustrated and very easy to follow splitting a colony information. Very helpful for beginners and more experienced beekeepers alike.” DEWEY CARON – University of Delaware

“‘Splitting Colonies for the Small-Scale Beekeeper’ by David MacFawn. It’s all there whether you are a small, medium or large beekeeper … Learn to do it successfully here!!” JERRY HAYES – Editor, Bee Culture Magazine

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