Making and Selling Cosmetics

Sweet Orange Lip Balm

“Lip balm is the ideal product to start with when you are learning to make cosmetics. A simple mixture made with just a few ingredients ensures you will have a usable balm after your first attempt.

When I introduce beekeepers to making cosmetics, I often begin with lip balm. An almost fool-proof cosmetic, lip balm making builds confidence in the students and prepares them for creating more-complex cosmetics.

The humble balm, although so easy to make, is an incredibly useful cosmetic. Lip balm helps maintain healthy skin, especially in the winter months. Usually, a blend of wax and oil, a simple formulation, might be made with beeswax and almond oil. Beeswax provides a superior barrier to lock in moisture, while almond oil acts as an emollient to soften the skin.

Sweet Orange Lip Balm is a more sophisticated version of the balm above, incorporating beeswax, cocoa butter, rapeseed oil and sweet orange essential oil. The result, a useful, yet yummy cosmetic that is a treat to use.”

Dr Sara Robb

For many small producers, navigating the laws for selling cosmetics after Brexit will be a source of stress. The detailed advice provided here will help guide you through the process and ensure that you comply with the legislation.

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