The Honey Bee Solution to Varroa

A practical guide for beekeepers

The Honey Bee Solution to Varroa explains the practical steps beekeepers can take to identify and select for easily observable Varroa-resistant traits in their colonies. The science behind the bees’ mechanisms for controlling their mite populations is explained, in what is a bee-led solution to the biggest challenge facing the European honey bee.

Steve Riley is the current Chair and Education Offi cer at Westerham Beekeepers, a club in the south-east of England. He is a member of the “Path to Varroa-resistance in the UK” team that launched the education and science website: in April 2023. He presents on “Identifying Varroa-resistance Traits” to beekeeping associations around the UK, including sessions and seminars at the BBKA Spring Convention and National Honey Show.

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