The Jefferson Beekeeping Guide

Whitby Beekeepers Association

All three generations of the Jefferson Family from Whitby, North Yorkshire are famed for their beekeeping knowledge and expertise. This 41 page booklet is full of advice and beekeeping knowledge that only long time experience can bring. Northern Bee Books strongly recommends this title.

Tony writes in his introduction .. “
You may well gather as you thumb through this “booklet” it is not what you might call a conventional book on keeping bees. There are a few reasons for this:- The Jefferson beekeeping methods are not regarded as “conventional” by the establishment. I aimed to produce something a little different, a simple look-up format. I wanted to call it “Beekeeping Without Bullshit” but thought it may not be seen as an appropriate title.

The idea of a booklet of simple ideas rather than thumbing through loads of text books on beekeeping has been suggested by a number of people. My aim is therefore to have a book that can be carried in the car, or in the bee toolbox, to be used when you just need that little bit of help, but without lots of irrelevant text to “window-dress” the sections. I have to admit that I can count on one hand the number of books I have read from cover to cover (2 of them I was forced to read, for my English literature O Level), my attention span when reading books is only short, but what I do like are facts that are easily found, for reference purposes. I hope you find these jottings of use in your beekeeping – if nothing else but to stimulate further questions, research or general disagreement.” Tony Jefferson, Whitby Beekeepers Association.

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