The Power of the Bee

The Book of Apitherapy

You know honey, of course:

But did you know that you can brush your teeth with honey?

And that perga is a healthy energy snack?

And that royal jelly strengthens the cardiovascular system and prevents viral infections?

And that propolis protects the immune system as well as the liver and kidneys?

And that a bee sting can do more than just hurt?

Our bees provide us with these and many other extraordinary active substances. Would you like to know how valuable they are for our health? Then …

The Power of the Bee is exactly the right thing for you. Because here you will learn more about the composition, areas of application and scientific background of the individual bee products.

The experienced Apitherapy specialist Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Gloger introduces you to all the important active ingredients of the industrious insects.

And he shows, as informatively as entertainingly, how we humans can benefit from these little miracle creatures of nature.

Dr. Thomas Gloger is a frequent expert contributor at international conferences in the field of apitherapy. His knowledge and experience of bee products has been gained over more than a decade, including his own trials and research. He was educated at the prestigious Technical University of Munich and spent 25 years in the chemical industry in various management positions. His fascination and love for bees arose out of his fascination with chemistry. Now his beehives are his pharmacy.

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