Honey Bees and Beekeeping. Double CD

An Introduction

This is an excellent aid for introducing bees and beekeeping to children and adults. Recommended for children aged 6 years and older the CR Rom contains two presentations. The first is a self-contained presentation to be used by individuals or small groups. The second is for use by a beekeeper wishing to give presentations to interested groups.
The presentation contains over 100 slides based on the book ‘Honey Bees and Beekeeping’ by Pam Todd.
Topics include:

• Introduction to Honey Bees
• Where Honey Bees Live: Trees, Apiaries
• Queen, Workers and Drones.
• How a Honey Bee Grows: Ages & Stages
• Flowers & Bees, Pollination. Bee Dances
• Role of the Worker Bee. Swarming
• Stings
• The Honey Factory
• Pollen, Propolis and Water
• Brood Food, Royal Jelly and Wax
• Apiaries, Equipment and Costs
• Bees in Danger

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