What The Bees See

‘Bees see in the ultraviolet spectrum. Their world is completely foreign to the human eye, full of electric, alien colours and luminous, vibrant light that we can only imagine. Shooting UVIVF doesn’t show us exactly how bees see the world, but it does enable us to better contemplate pollinator vision and understand this vital species and its importance to the future of life on earth.’
Craig P. Burrows

Flowers glow in otherworldly blues and teals. An array of brilliant colors emerges from their petals. By exploring the wonders of the ultraviolet spectrum using innovative imaging technology, we come one step closer to understanding the extraordinary lives of bees.

Photographer and horticulturalist Craig P. Burrows has spent the last ten years capturing flowers in this spectrum, and this book collects his stunning ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence (UVIVF) photos. In addition to these gorgeous nature images, the book illuminates our relationship with honeybees through in-depth research, diagrams, and archival images, exploring the science of pollination, the environmental impacts affecting bees, and the applications of bee products in the fields of medicine and cosmetics. A celebration of the symbiotic relationship between humans and honeybees that has benefited us throughout history, this book is an incredible look into the power of nature and how bees can help save the world.

Craig P. Burrows is a botanical photographer specializing in alternative-light photography. He has spent a decade documenting flora through infrared and ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence (UVIVF) photography, with his images representing a spectacular world otherwise hidden to the human eye. Burrows’s work has been published in National Geographic, Wired, Huffington Post, and more and has been featured in international exhibitions in France, Japan, China, the USA, and the Netherlands. He lives in Southern California.

Nick Worthington is a professional writer and the founder of The Tuesday Club, a purposeĀ­driven creative collective. He is a contributing writer to What the Bees See.

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