On the Keeping of Bees

A new edition of a popular handbook by John Whitaker, a Yorkshire beekeeper who is heavily involved in the education of beekeepers. John comments that “beekeeping is the most fascinating and absorbing of pastimes. This book developed from the course that I have presented to new beekeepers at my local association in Yorkshire for several years. One of the joys of beekeeping is the diversity of approach and this is to be celebrated. But there are two fundamental premises that govern my beekeeping and underpin the ethos behind the book. I believe that a sound knowledge of the natural history of honeybees is essential to being a good beekeeper and the first priority of the beekeeper is to keep the bees healthy. A colony of healthy bees will produce honey whether you want it or not.”

“The book gives a complete guide for the beginner and is sufficiently detailed to help prepare a new beekeeper to the level required by the BBKA basic assessment.”
John Whitaker

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