Norman L. Carreck

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    Standard Methods for Apis mellifera Hive Product Research

      Vincent Dietemann

      Peter Neumann

      Norman L. Carreck

      James D. Ellis

    Standard methods for Apis mellifera product research contains papers on royal jelly, beeswax, propolis and brood as human food, honey, venom and pollen. These seven papers have been written by 125 authors from 23 countries. Like the previous volumes, papers in Volume Ill are organized according to research topics. The authors have compiled the most relevant methods for both laboratory…

    Aspects of Sociality in Insects

      Norman L. Carreck

      Tony W. Johnson

    This book is the third in a series of collected lectures presented by leading scientists to the Central Association of Bee-Keepers. The papers cover many aspects of social behaviour in the Hymenoptera and Isoptera, including: evolution; communication; organisation; feeding; reproduction; their interactions with man; and their conservation. The book will prove to be valuable to students, beekeepers, and all those…