Healthy Bees, Heavy Hives

How to maximise your honey crop

Following on from Honey Farming by R.O.B. Manley (1946), and Honey By The Ton by Oliver Field (1983), Steve Donohoe and Paul Horton have produced a stunning book on beekeeping today, with a focus on increasing honey production. Clear diagrams and beautiful photographs complement a relaxed writing style which is both enjoyable and informative to read.

Paul is a successful bee farmer in Lincolnshire who consistently achieves honey yields exceeding 130 lbs (59 kg) per hive. He regularly moves bees to crops, and provides detailed information on how best to do this. As a former bee inspector he is well placed to advise on keeping honey bees healthy. Steve is the author of the popular book Interviews With Beekeepers, and has spent many years learning from more experienced beekeepers and passing on their wisdom.

Healthy Bees Heavy Hives – Interview with authors Steve Donohoe & Paul Horton:

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