Honey Bee Drones

Specialists in the Field

This book concentrates only on the drone – the male honey bee.

It provides details regarding the drone’s internal and external anatomy, production and development, behaviour, role in the hive, genetics and more. Copiously illustrated, the book also discusses the latest research updates on drones.

Graham Kingham is a retired mechanical quality engineer who keeps a few hives in Devon. He started looking down the microscope 15 years ago at yeast and bacteria in his beer. In order to expand his interest further he took the BBKA microscope exam and has since continued to explore the fascinating world of the honey bee through the lens.

“A thorough and beautifully presented book describing the internal and external structure of the oft forgotten Drone. As a microscopist what I find the most impressive is the quality of the stereomicroscope images that are used in support of the classic Dade drawings. Photomicrography with a stereomicroscope is not easy and needs care, attention and good equipment. The author is to be congratulated.”
Dr. Alan R Potter MBE, MPhil, DSc Brunel Microscopes Ltd

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