Honeybees: A Hive of Information

Annotated Anthology

• Do bees sleep?
• What is in bee poo?
• Do they have knees?
• What about the ‘birds and the bees’?
• Why do bees have a hump?

Many of the honeybee’s life mysteries are answered here .. Micrographs of pests in your honey and diseases in the hive .. Some contentious thoughts on the future management of the Apis mellifera species .. Short readable articles to dip in and out of for reference and amusement.

Graham Kingham is a retired mechanical quality engineer who keeps a few hives in Devon. He started looking down
the microscope 15 years ago at yeast and bacteria in his beer. In order to expand his interest further he took the BBKA microscope exam and has since continued to explore the fascinating world of the honeybee through the lens.

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