Beekeeping. A Practical Guide

Beekeeping is fun!

It’s an environmentally-friendly hobby that takes you outdoors where you can explore the lives of these fascinating creatures and enjoy the honey that they produce. But to care for your bees responsibly you need to understand what is happening inside the colony.

Whether you’re simply interested in bees, are about to start out as a beekeeper, or have already kept bees for a season, discover.

  • The types of bees and where to get them
  • How to handle bees and inspect a colony
  • How to understand and care for your bees
  • How to deal with a colony that swarms
  • How to harvest honey
  • How to create a bee-friendly garden

ROGER PATIERSON started keeping bees in 1963 as a 15-years-old. He has been a demonstrator and lecturer for over 35 years. He is a British Beekeepers Association Trustee, and committee member of the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association.

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