The ABC's of Beekeeping

This whimsical book celebrates the exciting world of beekeeping. Each letter of the alphabet represents an important aspect of a beekeeper’s life, and takes the reader on a captivating journey from A to Z. The author’s detailed explanations and brilliant photography provide a close-up look into the life of a beekeeper. The ABC’s of Beekeeping is perfect for both children and adults eager to learn more about the fascinating world of beekeeping.

“Roda Shope uniquely blends the art of beekeeping and her personal experiences with bees through these pages to inspire a more bee-friendly world. This book will take you on a captivating journey with beautiful photography and inform you about the important role of the beekeeper from A to Z! Armed with nothing more than the love of bees and the right equipment you too can make the world a better place.” – Kelly Card, beekeeper

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