Bee Space to Bee Hive

Hives, beekeeping equipment and beekeeping methods

“This book provides a fascinating insight into how beehives, beekeeping equipment and beekeeping methods have developed over the centuries. Lengthy observation enabled the discovery of the importance of bee space by Revd LL Langstroth, and after this discovery the ingenuity of many beekeepers has solved numerous problems associated with colony management. The evolution of ideas and creations by many well known individuals has brought us to the current time. Various methods and names you will recognise but whose importance you may not before have been aware of including Warré, Pagden, Snelgrove, Hoffman and Manley to name a few.

This publication and its companion, Bee Hive to Beekeeper (anticipated release August/September 2020) will be invaluable to students of Module 8 of the British Beekeepers Association examinations.

Both volumes have been written by UK master beekeeper Andrew Gibb from the UK and Ann Harman, well-known American EAS master beekeeper.” (BeeCraft).

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