Honey Heist Stories, Book 3

Céleste, and the Kidnap of Brewster

This time we join Céleste and her colony of honey bees at Lavender Farm where they have been re-located due to the torrential rain and flooding at the bend in the river.

They are all in good cheer because the rain has stopped and the sun is shining brightly. But, one honey bee is not happy at all; Hive S’s Honey Brewster. This particular brewster in Hive 5 makes the best honey cocktails and bee bread this side of the river and has been featured in the biznews at the honey bar.

A foursome of Asian hornets get to hear of this brewster and plan to capture him and take him back to their nest. They lie in wait for the honey brewster as he returns home one day. The hornets take him back over the river to meet their queen and to brew some honey cocktails for their colony. Aurora, Hive S’s queen, noticing that their Brew­ster is not in his laboratory, sends Céleste and two companions to find out where he has gone and bring him home. The trusty band of three foragers pick up his scent and follow it down to the river. They have to brave the windy conditions for the crossing and are in time to see Brewster being taken up into the hornets’ nest.

Things don’t go Brewster’s way and he is ejected unceremoniously. Céleste and crew take charge and bring Brewster home. Find out if Céleste is destined to be a Scout.

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