Honey Heist Stories, Book 2

Céleste, and Walter the Wasp's Honey Heist

It is June. Hive 5 is nearly flooded out. The old Queen is worried and makes a difficult choice to remain until the last moment.

Rescue comes. The Beekeepers transport the bee-hive and its colony to a new world on higher ground. Here, the old Queen leaves behind three princess eggs that hatch on the same day. While two princesses are locked in battle, Céleste gives princess Aurora an important mission to find a cure for the Varroa mite and save the colony.

Meanwhile, a test of memory and courage await Céleste on her first foraging trip. A fearsome wasp pursues the foragers as they zoom home guided by their scout. The honey heist is on! But the wasp gets distracted by the strong, sweet smell of strawberry jam. The foragers make it home safely and cheer Aurora’s triumphal entrance with Rex and his soldier ants to kill the Varroa mite.

Next day, Aurora makes her maiden flight and is welcomed as their new Queen on her return. She makes her first speech at the Scouts’ and Foragers’ Ball
and gives an award to Céleste. Find out if she is destined to be a Forager.

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