Melinda's Bee-Hive Volume 1

From the outset, Melinda, a new-born female honey bee does everything she can to please her queen, Melissa. She has many jobs to do in the hive before she can learn to fly. In her first flying lesson, she finds taking off and landing are difficult and she practises hard. Soon she joins the ranks of the foragers. Daisy, the scout bee, returns early one morning and quickly dances her waggle dance to let the other foragers know where to go for more pollen and nectar. On her way home, Melinda is distracted by some pretty flowers in a window box and she enters through the open window. She is made a prisoner behind the glass of another closed window in the same building. She has a lucky escape! One morning soon after, Melinda, her sisters, their queen and some drones wake up near the coast.
They are on holiday! They have a wonderful time, buzzing here and there, but returning home one evening, they are shocked to discover their own hive has disappeared. Melinda sees another hive and they join in there for protection. They give all their honey and nectar to their new friends.

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